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The Impact
When you donate to the Foundation, your gift is going toward helping people in the Liberty Hospital community. Whether your gift is for the TreeHouse or the Hughes Family Assistance Fund, it is making an impact on someones life.

The following stories are about people who have been impacted in some way through your gift and were willing to share their experience.  
You can make an impact too...
The Allnuts
During a routine mammogram in October, Kathleen’s doctors saw a spot on her mammogram that turned out to be breast cancer. She was in treatment for many months, treatment that made her ill and unable to work full-time. Kathleen eventually ran out of paid vacation and sick days.

Kathleen’s boss encouraged her to apply for the Hughes Family Assistance Fund to get some help with her medical bills. She is very thankful to have the support from this fund and said she will definitely be paying it forward.

Marisol has had diabetes for almost 7 years but was unable to purchase the medication needed to maintain her health. In January, she went to the ER for a severe cold and ended up being hospitalized in the ICU for four days due to sever dehydration and other complications. She said she almost died. Marisol has had to visit the ER four other times this spring due to complications from her diabetes and has been unable to work, using up all of her vacation hours.

Marisol said she doesn’t like to bother people for help and knows there are others needier than her, yet she knew it was going to be a struggle to pay her piling hospital bills. A friend and coworker told Marisol to apply for the Hughes Family Assistance Fund. With the financial assistance she received, Marisol was able to pay her bills until she was able to go back to work.

"I don't know what I would have done without the TreeHouse while my husband was in intensive care at Liberty Hospital. Bless the TreeHouse and its volunteers. I couldn't have been treated more like family."
             -Glenda Allnutt, TreeHouse guest

Tsoya provides the only income for her household of four. Her husband recently graduated nursing school but has been unable to find a job. When her mother-in-law and her mother died within a week, she and her husband knew that it would be a struggle to afford two plane tickets back to Nigeria to attend the funerals.

Tsoya was extremely grateful to receive assistance from the Hughes Family Assistance Fund for a plane ticket to attend her mother’s funeral. Without this assistance, Tsoya would not have been able to return to Nigeria to say goodbye to her mother.   

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