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Our Mission
Jen Huyser

Kristi Soligo
President Elect

Jeff Holloway

Leisha Barry

Chris Geisert
Past President
​The Liberty Hospital Foundation was created in 1984, dedicated to seeking support for Liberty Hospital. Many of the community leaders who helped open the doors of the hospital established the foundation with a mission to support the advancement of medical and hospital care. In 1996, the Foundation adopted the following mission statement:

Guided by the Hospital’s strategic plan, the Foundation’s mission is to provide financial support to Liberty Hospital by funding programs that will have a positive impact on the patients and employees of Liberty Hospital, and therefore the community and the region. The Foundation does this by raising money to support specific projects and by carefully managing the endowed funds entrusted to the Foundation​.
Tom McGiffin
Rae Moore
Ron Mullennix
Chris Shultz, DDS
Miriam Spencer
Allison Tanner
Ellen Todd
Raymond Brock, Jr.
Fran Bussey
Don Fletcher
Juarenne Hester
Janie James
Greg Lund
Karen Mathes
Ron Mullennix
Irene Thomas
Ellen Todd
Mischa Bastin
Angela Castle
Laura Chambers
Gary Cooper MD

Brett Daffron
Frank Dixon
Randy Eggleston
Laurel Haley

Chris Igoe
Jody Magera
Kim Philpot
Amy Pieper
2017 Board of Trustees
2017 Regional Advisory Council
David Feess
Frank Albani, MD
James Olson, MD
Kari Anson
Kari Jo Thomann Bear, CFP
Shane Davolt
Matt Garrison, DDS
Ryan Gerstner
Sue Gonnerman
Jason Hoyt
Charlie Hughes
Mary Ellen Knop
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Liberty Hospital Foundation | 2525 Glenn Hendren Dr, PO Box 1002 | Liberty, MO 64069
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